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This page will be dedicated to a collection of songs about a band I was in for several years called DAILY. There were two main versions of this band.

DAILY MK1 was;

Kate Gibson - Vocals

David Nuttal - Lead Gtr

Young Glen - Rhythm Gtr

Jason McErlane - Bass Gtr

Paul McErlane - Drums & percussion

DAILY MK2 was;

Julian Osborn-Smith - Vocals

Dave Nuttal - Lead Gtr & Keyboards

Paul McErlane - Rhythm Gtr - percussion - programming

Jason McErlane - Bass Gtr

Rob Colley - Drums & percussion

I have added Big Bang Theory (BBT) to this page as that really was the 1st incarnation, just Kate, me Bro Jase &  myself. Things have to start from somewhere.....