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I have always been interested in the 'other side of the desk'. After building our studio underneath our home all those many, many moons ago, I got to lay my hands on an old TEAC 2/44 portastudio for the very first time. To be able to record a gtr, then play it back & record another one, jamming with myself, was mind boggling. I love performing, playing live, touring/gigging, but if you were to ask me what my favourite part of being a musician is, I would tell you it is the creation of a song. To be able to layer parts on top of one another, so the sounds blend, becoming a piece of music unto itself, then adding lyrics, even talking about it sends tingles down my spine! My interest grew in the creative recording process. To be able to understand how a recording studio works, how each piece of equipment is used & why, I felt, was necessary in furthering my development as a songwriter. Through my many years in recording studios whilst playing in an array of bands, I was constantly bombarding the sound engineer's with questions on what they were doing, learning both the good & the bad as I found that each engineer had their particular way of working, levitating towards their favoured piece of equipment. I have seen the recording studios change so much over the years, especially with the advent of computers in the 80's. From an almost all analogue set up with i.e.; an atari operating midi only, to the digital power houses they are today, enabling virtually anyone to completely run a studio through just a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) without the need of anything BUT a computer, saving thousands, if not HUNDREDS of thousands of pounds on equipment.  
And so, with this in mind, over the years, I have slowly built up my home studio, enabling me to pursue my dreams of recording my own music, in my own time. After attending University in my early 40's, gaining a BA in Creative Sound I felt as if I had gained the necessary expertise to turn my home studio in to a place of work, & have now been a moderately successful self employed sound engineer/producer since late 2012, working with local artists, operating from my home studio; MACKYS STUDIO