Well... haven't posted for a while, but just breifly; moved flat, it is boooooootiful, wee balcony AND free parking!! Am in the midst of upgrading me studio; Got an iMac 2019; AND an Apollo Twin X which came with loads of free plugins! Superbeo!!!! Am sill keeping my older studiio cos it is FAB! but can't upgrade any software, so thought I'd best take the plunge! Speak soon!!

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Focusrite ISA 

OOOOhhhh..... toally forgot to add... My new bit of kit has finally arrived! Focusrite ISA 430 MK2 with A/D optional board (which I've yet to install as I've only just got it!)

More updates to come but ssssooooo exciting & am really looking forward to putting it through it's paces especially with my AKG C414! Oh yes I am!


Well..... have now started my MA (Masters) in Music & Sonic Media at University of Sussex. My 1st lecture was Friday just gone (23/09/16) & am looking forward to studying the next 2 yrs. Have decided to do it part time in 2 yrs as thought it would be too hard to work & do this at the same time. At the moment, I wish I'd just gone for it & done it in 1, but knowing me, once all the assignments for work have to be handed in, I'll probably be glad! Gonna be hard, but am ssssoooo looking forward to it, & am…

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More updating 

Going through all my older music from way back as the mid 80's is becoming ssssooo therapeutic!

Getting in contact with members of bands I haven't spoken to for AGES! YEARS! & not 'cos of any fall out (well.... I hope not!?... no, I just jest!) Listening to stuff I haven't heard for a very long time, & yet, as soon as the sound waves hit my ears, all the memories come a flooding back! Amazing thing this.....well, thing we call music! Absolutely bloody AMAZING! Building this website has been such a great…

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Updating website 

Have been extremely busy the last few days getting my head round the building of this, my first website that is only about me. Sifting thro tons of tunes, ideas, pics, etc. The only thing I'm not completely sure about is the theme, as I got stuck down the proverbial 'artistic hole' for want of a better expression. After crashing at about 4am this morning, woke up at 8am, logged in, & realised that my site looked far to busy, so have decided to strip it right back, wit a far simpler theme. More…

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