More updating

Going through all my older music from way back as the mid 80's is becoming ssssooo therapeutic!

Getting in contact with members of bands I haven't spoken to for AGES! YEARS! & not 'cos of any fall out (well.... I hope not!?... no, I just jest!) Listening to stuff I haven't heard for a very long time, & yet, as soon as the sound waves hit my ears, all the memories come a flooding back! Amazing thing this.....well, thing we call music! Absolutely bloody AMAZING! Building this website has been such a great idea (well.... I say 'build'...) I have been wanting do do so for AGES! But the thought of learning all the necessary 'code' etc just seemed sssooo daunting! I've only just began to get in to video editing, & so the thought of learning all that code.... but, I stumbled on to this 'Host' option, signed up for a free 30 days, & voila! More on the attributes of 'HostBaby' at a later date.....

It is now 3.20 am, & I have GOT to go to sleep, even having to shake my head to stay awake whilst writing this... so... time for some shut-eye!