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The history of Paul McErlane's early music

My name is Paul McErlane, my pseudonym is DailyMc.
I have always been interested in music. My father is a musician. We built a studio underneath our house, so I had access to an array of instruments, including the drum kit. The drums are my 1st love & I have been a touring/session drummer for many years. I love writing music, it's my favourite part of being a musician, & so I taught myself how to play guitar as it can be a little challenging writing songs behind a drum kit, but not impossible! I also learned bass guitar, keyboards, cello, in fact, give me an instrument, & I'll get some kind of noise out of it…. apart from some wind instruments i.e.; sax, trumpet. Tried, but it just won't happen!?

I had been playing drums in various bands since the early 80's, some of which I will upload on to my 'My Other Bands' page. I have always had a portastudio throughout, constantly writing songs, but needed a break from music in the late 80's, until 1990, when my son Louis-Joe was born & my brother Jason, a truly great bass player, asked me to form a band with him & a close friend of ours, Kate Gibson, a vocalist. Although Kate had never sung before, she took to it like the total natural Jase & I knew she would be, a great lyricist with a fantastic ear for a melody. We decided to enter a local recording studio in the early summer of 1990. I was just 24 at the time, both Jase & Kate 21. We got a programmer in & wrote a few tracks with programmed drums, sequencers, synth's, we were like kids in a toy shop. Have a listen to some of the tracks under our 1st name together THE BIG BANG THEORY. Since then, I have been in many bands, both drumming & playing gtr, traveling, & toured many countries. I also 'fronted' a band called LOADED singing & playing gtr. (got in to a lot of trouble with that name, but, a great name for a band tho!) Since entering that studio in 1990, & the advent of computers capable of recording not just midi, I have always had a home studio. From the early day's of Cubase VST on mac OS8 up until the present day. I believe that it is necessary for us as human beings to have an artistic outlet. I'm so glad that music is mine.