1. Brightly

From the recording Daily Mk1

This is a track written by Kate, Jase & I. We were just in the midst of changing from BBT to DAILY Mk1 with Dave replacing Malcom on gtr (Young Glen was to join at a later date) So, we didn't have a guitarist, but seeing as I'd come up with the gtr riff, we decided to go in to the studio just the 3 of us, with me laying down both the drums and Gtr. This was recorded at GrapeVine Studios, a great little studio where I had the pleasure in rehearsing in many of my very first bands in the early 80's during my early teens (yep! THAT long ago!)
So, the year is approx 1993, & I borrowed my then girlfriends Black 1962 Telecaster, the same one I had borrowed in '91 when we recorded Perfect Day & 4 Lines.... (Many thanks Annabelle x) I had in my possession a 10 watt Rhino Amp, tiny little thing that I still use as a headphone monitor whilst recording vocals in MACKYS STUDIO. This amp has a history unto itself, as it is the very first piece of equipment that was sold by Gary Marshal, a very good pal of mine that had just opened a shop in Brighton called GAK.  I had been practising the feedback parts of the song, I knew I could get the desired sound, the right feedback tone with this amp, & so, the sound engineer that recorded & mixed this track, great friend of ours that run Grapevine Studious, Dom, mic'ed up my little 10 watt Rhino, & I must say, hearing it now, still sounds great! Just goes to show, don't necessarily NEED the best equipment, as long as you get the desired sound. I have used some mad bits of old kit over the years to get my desired sounds. Obviously, hi-end equipment speaks for itself, but there's ALWAYS room for experimentation!...
Having spoken to my Brother just recently about this particular song, we both agree that it was a kind of 'mini-milestone' as our sound, as well as personal, appeared to be evolving.


You said, you wish you were a star, shining brightlyThe star, high up the sky so far, moving slightlyYou said, you wish you were a sun, burning with fireThe sun, high up the sky & clouds, taking you higherSo shine on me, so shine, shine on meYou said, you wish you were a star, shining brightlyThe star high up the sky so far, moving slightlySo shine on me, so shine, shine on meThe star, high up, the sky, so farThe star, high up, the sky, so farYou wish you were a starYou wish you were a star