1. Perfect Day

From the recording BBT

Perfect Day & 4 Lines were the first two songs written in the studio. Just the 3 of us, we had rehearsed at Kate's home a few times, & then in a studio, with me playing drums, Jase on the Bass & Kate singing. I would also bring a gtr down whilst we worked bits out. Then we decided to enter the studio that was in the basement of the rehearsal room. Blimey, we were ssssooo young, & again, like kids in a sweet shop!?.. "what dos that do?.. can we use that?.. how does that work? Superbeo! Yes.... listening back, I remember, we got Malcom in to play on this as well as me. We also got my great pal Pete Garnett on backing vocals. WoW!
Me Bro, Jase, wrote the lyrics to this. It's literally about us being deckchair attendants in the summer of loves. I started working down their in 1989, & I got me bro a job the following year. Walking about, earning good money, keeping really fit, surrounded by beautiful girls... THE BEST dead-end job in the world, this is a great description! Well done Broski x