1. Gesture

From the recording Songs for Uni

This track was written for my 1st module entitled 'Composition (Practice)'
It is about a close family member that suffers greatly from depression. Feeling at a loss to help, I expressed myself the only way I can, through music.


Lyrics for Gesture; - (Last verse has 2 versions as I might record a girl singing as if it is her as am not entirely happy with my vocal)She gets it all around now,She gets it nowShe Gestures all around now,So…She gets it  She’s feeling just so sore now,She can’t back downSpinning her head around now,She sits back down,Before she tumbles down,Before her head hits the groundHow can she turn around,Bows her head in to her handsSlips thru her fingersJust like the sand…. slips right thru her hand….When she goes, she hope's it’s far away, [When I go, I hope it’s far away]Where she gets to she won’t know [Where I get to I won’t know]{Just as long as it’s} Just as long as it’s far away,She just hope’s it’s not to slow [I just hope it’s not to slow]Where she gets to it’s not known, [Where I get to it’s not known]It’s the distance that’s been shown,It’s the key for her to know, [It’s the key for me to know]To let her know she’s not alone, [To let me know I’m not alone]If she knew it was to slow [If I knew it was to slow]She could see right down below, [I could see right down below]Thru her [My] Gesture…. See right thru her…Thru her [My] Gesture….